I have worked with Visual Studio for many years, and only recently have I realized how big a difference those shortcuts to your coding speed. If you want to be an efficient programmer, and you’re using Visual Studio you should really check out these shortcuts, as they severely improve your time spent.┬áHere are some of the best VS2015 keyboard shortcuts that I have found

Ctrl + . – Opens up Quick Actions (mostly used to fix errors)

Ctrl + F5 – Start without debugging (very useful for console applications)

Ctrl + G – Go to a specific line number in your code

Ctrl + Shift + S – Saves all your projects and documents

Ctrl + Enter – Creates a newline but keeps cursor position

Ctrl + U – Changses selected text to lowercase.

Ctrl + Shift + U – Changses selected text to uppercase.

Shift + Alt + Enter – Toggles full screen mode

F9 – Adds Breakpoint at cursor position

Ctrl + Alt + D – View the Disassembly (JIT) code.

Ctrl + Alt + G – View the CPU register contents.


Visual Studio also has combination Keyboard Shortcuts. This means that you have to use both shortcuts:

Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C – Comments the current line out

Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U – Uncomment the current line

Ctrl + M, Ctrl + O – Collapses all procedures in the current document

Ctrl + M, Ctrl + L – (Un)Collapses all procedures in the current document

Ctrl + K, Ctrl + F – Applies proper indention for selected line of code