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Google’s religious Web API

18. December 2016 No Category No comments

The other day I was working with Google’s Web Speech API┬áto get some spoken messages for my snooker scoreboard program, which I’m currently developing using Angular 1.5.8 (more on that project later…).

In snooker when a break ends, you say the name of the player, followed by the size of the break. So if Brian made a break of 4 one would say “Brian 4”, however I found that some specific names would trigger some very odd behaviour – mine included. Instead of simply speaking “Daniel 4” it would speak “Daniel chapter 4”. (more…)

The online learning platform

6. August 2016 No Category No comments

When I was setting up my LinkedIn profile, I noticed I got a lot of advertisement for – courses in subjects that interested me a lot. One day I figured I might as well check it out, and I found this online learning platform which is a collection of videoes where professionel IT experts talk about a large range of subjects. (more…)