The C# Java wars

9. August 2016 Coding No comments

If you ever dare Googeling “Java vs C#” you will undoubtly be witness to the religion wars that exist between the opposing factions of syntax warriors. I’ve always just seen both languages as great tools, but it was not until recently I saw just how similar they are. (more…)

Shortcuts in VS 2015

28. July 2016 Coding No comments

I have worked with Visual Studio for many years, and only recently have I realized how big a difference those shortcuts to your coding speed. If you want to be an efficient programmer, and you’re using Visual Studio you should really check out these shortcuts, as they severely improve your time spent. Here are some of the best VS2015 keyboard shortcuts that I have found (more…)

The Conditional Operator

25. July 2016 Coding No comments

If you’re not familiar with the conditional operator (and I don’t blame you – there was no mention of it in my first programming textbook) you’re really missing out on a very useful tool, that could improve your coding skills. (more…)