Google’s religious Web API

18. December 2016 No Category No comments

The other day I was working with Google’s Web Speech API to get some spoken messages for my snooker scoreboard program, which I’m currently developing using Angular 1.5.8 (more on that project later…).

In snooker when a break ends, you say the name of the player, followed by the size of the break. So if Brian made a break of 4 one would say “Brian 4”, however I found that some specific names would trigger some very odd behaviour – mine included. Instead of simply speaking “Daniel 4” it would speak “Daniel chapter 4”. (more…)

The C# Java wars

9. August 2016 Coding No comments

If you ever dare Googeling “Java vs C#” you will undoubtly be witness to the religion wars that exist between the opposing factions of syntax warriors. I’ve always just seen both languages as great tools, but it was not until recently I saw just how similar they are. (more…)

The online learning platform

6. August 2016 No Category No comments

When I was setting up my LinkedIn profile, I noticed I got a lot of advertisement for – courses in subjects that interested me a lot. One day I figured I might as well check it out, and I found this online learning platform which is a collection of videoes where professionel IT experts talk about a large range of subjects. (more…)

Shortcuts in VS 2015

28. July 2016 Coding No comments

I have worked with Visual Studio for many years, and only recently have I realized how big a difference those shortcuts to your coding speed. If you want to be an efficient programmer, and you’re using Visual Studio you should really check out these shortcuts, as they severely improve your time spent. Here are some of the best VS2015 keyboard shortcuts that I have found (more…)

The Conditional Operator

25. July 2016 Coding No comments

If you’re not familiar with the conditional operator (and I don’t blame you – there was no mention of it in my first programming textbook) you’re really missing out on a very useful tool, that could improve your coding skills. (more…)

Code Golfing

23. July 2016 Code Golf No comments

I’ve been reading the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf part of the StackExchange for a few years – mostly for the codegolf. I really like the concept of simple challenges that almost any competent programmer can solve, but only the best can produce the algorithm that executes the fewest instructions that always provides the expected output in the lowest number of bytes (more…)

24 Patterns for Clean Code

16. July 2016 Book Review No comments

Today I’m reviewing a book by Robert Beisert called 24 Patterns for Clean Code (2015). The book has a heavy focus on C in a Linux environment, but the author claims that many of the concepts will be useful for developing in any language. The book is only 80 pages and although books like Donald Knuth’s The Art of Computer Programming has about 2.000 pages, you can still convey information in mere 80 pages. (more…)